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Or even several days. A couple of weeks ago, I posted this tease about a wonderful day set-up for me by a regular reader (Thank You Dave!).  Through those good offices, I got to meet Frank "Frankie" McRae, who is the director of training (and a bit more besides) for Raidon Tactics.  Those of you who have served in Special Forces might remember him as NCOIC for of the US Army Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course (SFARTAETC) at Ft. Bragg N.C., as well as a member of the 1st Special Forces Group. 


Since leaving the service, he works with Raidon Tactics and with Range 37, two separate but synergistic businesses not too far from Ft. Bragg.  Raidon concentrates on providing world-class Shooting, Close Quarters Battle, Counter-Terrorism driver and medical training -- in short, close-quarters tactical training. They have quite the crew of instructors, and each is a subject matter expert in the task at hand, though not all are military.  Most are, and like Frankie they have been there and done that, so you get to learn from true pros. 


Courtesy Raidon Tactics


A good bit of my time with Frankie was out touring the 1,000-plus acres they have available for training, including actually getting out to walk some of it. Improvements are ongoing, and they make the most out of the terrain, existing structures, and even some of the neighbors. If you sign up for one of their courses, about the only thing you need to bring is underwear and toiletries as pretty much everything else is provided. 

Here's a brief pictoral taste of what you can experience there:


Tactical training, photo courtesy of Raidon Tactics
Tactica/Counter-Terrorism Driving, Image Courtesy of Riadon Tactics

Hand-to-Hand Training, Image Courtesy Raidon Tactics

Night Shooting & Ops, Photo Courtesy of Raidon Tactics

Close Quarters Concealed, Photo Courtesy Raidon Tactics

Raidon Tactics provides its training to the military, law enforcement, private security firms, and the public.  If you watched the short movie at the start, part of what you are seeing is a family that comes over from Europe each year to do training as a family vacation.  The full video is below, and gives you a much better idea of what training can entail.  I can also tell you that specialized training has been provided to non-US media going on embed, so as to help them better understand what they would be covering/doing; and, to a variety of other interesting groups. 


Now, I've been invited back for something going on next month, and if my embed still isn't off the ground (despite the promises made to me by the senior PAO, and extended by him to my sponsors), I hope to be able to take full advantage of it.  One big reason is that Frankie showed me something that makes a heck of a difference in the ability to "drive" a weapon on entry.  I'm not a high speed door kicker (those of you who read Ringo, I'm probably closer to Shota than I care to admit), but I have gotten to do some interesting training over the years and to become familiar with a variety of weapons including some H&K products.  That was many years ago, and Frankie gave me the chance to work with an MP-5 as well as a M-4 carbine.  The technique he taught me is simple but profound.  No, I'm not going to share -- if you want to learn it, go take one of his courses.  Here's a bit more from the other day:


The change to the stance is the key, and it is amazing the difference it makes.  Do wish I had learned it many years ago. 

As always, thanks to my sponsors: and B.N. Shape Clothing!