Book reviews: "The Dark Hour" and "The Black List"
Book Review - The Aden Effect

Legal rationale for Israeli self defense

The Palestinans are serial war criminals.They violate the UN Charter regularly by calling for the destruction of Israel and their indiscriminate rocket attcks and other acts of terrorism put them well outside the pale of civilized countries. The fact that they are not condemned by the UN is one of many signs that organization is not an honest broker. The American Center for Law & Justice does some useful lawyering in pointing our exactly how the actions of the Palestinians constitute crimes and justify the self defense actions of Israel to remove a threat to its citizens.

They discuss self defense, the Law of Armed Conflict, the principles of Distinction, Necessity and Proportionality.It is an excellent legal answer to Israel's critics and has been provided to the UN, Congress, the White House and a bunch of other folks. Do yourself a favor and read it.