This is what real compassion and honoring sacrifice look like
Benghazi v. Trousergate

I Know The Answer...

And have a look at this article and see if you know too....

“Larry,” you’ve studied the plan and you know that we’re committing every available combat unit to this fight.”

“Yes, and you want me to go back out with the Fourth Battalion again. Is it still commanded by that coward, Uy?”

“Yes it is,” I said.

“Colonel, you know as well as I that at the first shot fired, he will turn tail and run and the battalion will fall apart, just like it did last week.” He was stating simple, unemotional fact.

After a long pause he added, “If I go, I won’t come back. The North Vietnamese Army won’t let me get away twice.”

“I know,” I replied looking away, feeling pain deep down inside.  “Do you want me to go in your place?”

“No,” he countered sharply. “You’ve got your job to do and I’ve got mine.”

Simultaneously we pushed our metal folding chairs back, stood, and shook hands. “Goodbye, Colonel,” he said. “We won’t meet again … at least not in this life. Write my wife, tell her I love her.” I nodded and he was gone

Happy Veterans Day to Mrs. Deebow, EMC (SW) R. Bowman, My Stepdad Bob from the 101st Airborne (Rakkasans) all the men at B5, Luq, Captain Jack, Major Morrow, Colonel Day, Hoback, Terrel, Bradley, Luq, Mo' Fough, 1SG Fruitt, Barney, Frank, Jeff, Tiffany, Nina and Her Hubby, Katie C, and her hubby Brandon, Lee, Illiad, John C. Kingnut, Steve C., Steve S. Eric H (still a vet to me baby), AIr Force MSGT R. Coleman, Steve S. Ron C. and His Dad, all the soldiers who have served under me and to all those still serving and who have served.  Thanks for your service and my life is richer because of knowing all of you.

And for my comrades Earl, Bernard, and Larry; all of you are not here for me to thank you for your service to our great nation.  I will miss you today.  May your families and children be comforted by the passing of time and may your memories never fade from our hearts... 

I hope very much to see you again, on this side or the other....