Sapper Medevac
In Their Own Words:

Photoessay: U.S. Army Special Forces O.D.A. aid the A.N.A.

A US Army Special Forces team is mentoring an Afghan National Army force. The purpose is to let the ANA force take the lead in operations, with the SF team in support. On October 22nd, an Afghan soldier was hit by an IED in Khak-E-Safed (Farah Province). The photos are provided by CJSOTF:

First the wounded Afghan soldier is brought to an aid station:


Next, "a coalition member" prepares his medical equipment to aid the Afghan (I think we all know what MOS this guy is and how excited those guys get to open said medical equipment):

Now, the Afghan soldier is now "out" for treatment and transport:


ODA Medical Sergeant goes straight to work:


The ODA brings the Medevac in:

Oda7 450x300_q75

Preparing to receive the patient:

ODA load the patient on to the Medevac:

Afghan med hires_121022-M-BO337-043a
The Medevac departs:
Now the waiting begins.  Afghan Army soldiers waiting for word on the condition of their soldier: