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Ignore the controversy and read 'No Easy Day'

After hearing weeks of various perspectives on the book No Easy Day, including an interesting perspective from Froggy, I decided to see for myself whether the book is worth reading.

Accuracy is essential when it comes to history, and we live in a time where we have a self-serving president and an administration that has no problems with bending the truth - or rewriting it altogether - to their political benefit.

That said, I would be far more likely to trust the man who saw it firsthand than I would to trust Washington or Hollywood.

Since I am not a former teammate of the author's, I am coming from the perspective that information that isn't damaging to our military or national security belongs to the American people. Therefore, we definitely deserve to know the truth about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, one of the most important military operations in our nation's history.

From my review at The US Report:

Although No Easy Day has all the detail and excitement of a Tom Clancy novel, from the near-fatal helicopter crash on insertion to evading the Pakistani air force on the return trip, the author avoids disclosing anything that could be used by the enemy.

The Pentagon claims the author violated nondisclosure agreements and has threatened legal action. Mr. Bissonnette and his lawyers assert that he did not.

That is for the lawyers to decide.

Members of the SEAL community have spoken out about the author's decision to publish, saying he violated the SEAL Ethos: “I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions...”

I am not a SEAL, so I leave that to Bissonnette and his former teammates to work out.

What I can say is that No Easy Day is required reading. Considering the controversy surrounding this book's release, I was expecting the book to contain a real dressing-down of the Obama administration and perhaps the Pentagon. However, Mr. Bissonnette kept it professional, completely avoiding politics and kept the focus solely on the mission.

Read the full review at The US Report.