Soldier ambushes tiger in Vietnam
Oct. 25 in U.S. military history

Helmet Cam Test


The two embeds in Iraq taught me many things.  Among them, broadcast-quality cameras do not like the dust; the dust loves film heads and other electronics; and, video is essential on embed.  Thanks to a gentleman named Jose, I now have an HD helmet cam. 

For a number of reasons, I went with the ContourRoam2.  Solid state, so no moving parts, no tape/film of any type, and weatherproof.  Comes with a variety of mounting options, inlcuding the ability to mount to standard weapon rails. 

To test it out, and work out as many bugs as possible before heading out, I went out to Wolf Park and spent a little time with family and friends.  The video is a bit rough in terms of editing, but time was short this morning.  It is hard to see, but at one point you will see a wolf (puppy, though almost fully grown) in a rowboat, as the rains the other night raised the pond enough to send the Black Pearl adrift -- but not so far adrift it could not be boarded and taken.  Distance is not great, but it works for much of what I want, which is fairly close in.  What do you think?



who thanks both Wolf Park and