Do I Have To Say I Told Them So?
Do We Need Service Secretaries?

Didn't We Just Have A Conversation About This?

I mean, it seems to me like we might have just been talking abut this this week...

Evidently, when you leave some ass-clown who you were in an active gunfight with during a combat operation to die the death he deserves, you can be charged with murder...

Five Royal Marines have been charged with murdering a Taliban fighter in one of the most lawless regions of Afghanistan.

The arrests followed the discovery of what the Independent revealed on Friday to have been footage showing a group of Marines in discussion about whether to provide medical aid to an injured Afghan lying on the ground. 

It appears that during a search for pornography on a soldier's computer (a problem that we could spend some time covering because that in and of itself is BS), this footage was found and this has been what has propelled this investigation.

Let me tell you, having a discussion about whether or not to give aid to a wounded enemy soldier is DEFINITELY a discussion we would have if I was there.  The idea that we are required to give them aid is wrongheaded.  I would give them aid if (1) they were of some intelligence value, (2) It was safe to do so and did not endanger the lives of my men, and (3) after any and all available aid was given to any of my wounded soldiers and (4) to any of the civilians that might need it (including farm animals and household pets)

Now, for some of the fainting trolls that stop by now and then, that may seem psychopathic, but it is actually very reasonable given the circumstances of combat.

And this is the part I was talking about (page down if you need a refresher)

Rules of engagement, based on the Geneva Convention, dictate the circumstances under which British forces are allowed to open fire on the Taliban.

Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for the Defence, said he was determined that the rules of engagement were followed in Afghanistan, telling the BBC's Andrew Marr Show: “Everybody serving in theatre knows the rules of engagement, they carry cards in their uniforms with the rules on them in case they should need to remind themselves.”

The very idea that these Marines would have to rummage around in their utility pouch to find the weather-beaten and dog-eared ROE card that some JAG ass-clown handed them when they were WAAAYYY back in the rear in order to check paragraph and verse what they should do regarding wounded enemies, while possibly still in contact, is so far beyond galactically retarded that science can't even measure it, in fact is is so far past that I can't even find words to describe it.

Combat is not powder puff football, it is serious business conducted by serious men.  Marines, US and Royal, are all card carrying members of the Pipe-Hitter's Local in their area; hard men, who do deadly work in dangerous places.  They are not apt to be men who are the bearers of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows when you attempt to destroy their brothers.  My feeling, and theirs too I would guess is that if you bear arms against them, you get what you deserve.

And as a warning to all of the combat soldiers out there, understand that there are people within the military establishment, no matter what branch you serve in and no matter what country you defend that do not have the same feelings regarding the brotherhood of danger that we combat veterans have been inducted into.  They have not seen or done what we have and will view your accomplishments with emotions ranging from shock and horror to distrust and jealousy.  The photos and footage you take while deployed can be used against you by those that wish to do everything that involves making a point.

I pray that there are officers in the MOD that will do all that they can to clear these men and help them to clear their names because if we are going to spend our time referring to the cards in our pockets to see what we should do about a wounded enemy that shoots little girls and beheads innocents, after shooting at us, well I know what I would say I did when asked by my commander.

"Sir, I prioritized the EWIA according to the tactical situation on the ground after considering the safety of my men, the possibility of counterattack by other enemy forces in the area and when it was safe to do so, I ensured he was given him treatment after my wounded were treated."

Sounds about right....