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AUSA annual confab

Posted By Uncle Jimbo • [October 22, 2012]

The Greatest Army Show on Earth hits DC for the next couple of days. The Association of the US Army annual convention is in town and all the coolest defense gear and folks will be hanging out and slapping backs. That of course includes me for my day job w/ Absio Corp. where we have a software product that secures any kind of digital content (email, text, photo, video, map etc.) on any device. We encrypt each object individually and then control who can see it, what they can do with it and then track all interactions with it. Pretty cool actuall and the Army thinks so too since they bought it.

If you are around for the show, let me know and we can set a link up. I will be there today, tomorrow and Wednesday. You can email me at jimbo at unclejimbo dot com.

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