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A Well Written Response

At my more cynical, I am convinced that high school and college newspapers (and radio stations) exist to give us a place to make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them.  In college, I did some good writing and opinion pieces, and -- to be honest -- some truly horrid ones.  For that matter, I cringe at some blog posts written long ago, but...

That's why I want to commend a writer for their work, and recommend their work for your reading pleasure.  You really do want take the time to read Lauren Stieritz's excellent rebutal to a rather poorly posited and written column.  The latter reminds me that logic and related topics on discourse are electives at most institutions of higher learning (and rarely taught lower than that I suspect), while the response gives me hope on several levels. 

I do hope that the author of the ill-considered and executed column learns a bit from the responses.  I suspect that most of the comments are phrased far stronger than she is used to getting, but the ones I read make a number of very good points on things ranging from logic to grammar.  The rebutal column is one she really should take to heart, and perhaps come to understand a subject, and culture, that she clearly doesn't have the first freaking clue about. 


with a hat tip to This Ain't Hell