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Captain Henry Charles Albert David Wales Reporting for Duty

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Prince Harry or Captain Wales, whichever you prefer to call him, is reporting for duty at Camp Bastion as an Apache pilot. I believe that his previous tour in Afghanistan saw him in essentially a JTAC role with the british cavalry.  The photo and info below was provided courtesy of the MoD. 

Is this the result of his vacation in Vegas (the notes I read state that this was long planned)?  And why in the hell would the MoD announce the unit, camp, location, etc of his current station? 

The last time this happened, Harry's tour was cut a little short (apparently really pissing off the Lieutenant at the time)...


HarryPrince Harry, known as Captain Wales in the military, arrived today at Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, to start an operational tour as an Apache pilot. He will be working as part of the Joint Aviation Group (JAG) which provides helicopter support to the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan forces operating throughout Regional Command South West. Based out of Bastion, the largest coalition military base in the country, his squadron will provide surveillance, deterrence and, when required, close combat attack capabilities as well as escort duties for other aircraft. Captain Wales qualified as a Co-Pilot Gunner (CPG) in February this year and was posted to 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, to gain further flying experience and to operate the aircraft on a number of exercises. He has been trained to fly in the front seat as the mission commander, a role that equips the operative to fly the aircraft from the back seat but the majority of the time involves operating the Apache’s sights, sensors and weapons systems. For more information about the Army Air Corps see