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Me, Me, Me, Me-morial Day

h/t Hot Air

The official White House photo of the day for Memorial Day was:

A. a tasteful shot of Arlington Cemetery

B. A pic of a Gold Star Mom at her son's grave

C. An image of an inverted rifle and empty boots signifying the death of a soldier.

NOPE! None of those pay homage to the true hero of the day.

The answer and an F- for the Campaigner in Chief was:

A picture of Barry O reflected in the Vietnam Memorial with a halo around his noble warrior, gutsy-call-making head.


In addition to the F-, he gets a D for Disgrace. The entire purpose of Memorial day is to honor those who laid down their lives in defense of our freedom. Obama didn't serve and since his coronation has used the military as a tool to obfuscate the fact that he is the weakest leader we have had since Jimmy Carter. His gutless, politically-driven policies have put in peril a victory in Iraq won by those who should be remembered on this day. And his sorry, election-driven, faux surge into Afghanistan has added many hundreds of names to the list of those this holiday memorializes.

But who does he think the day is about? You guessed it, BHO. He ought to be on his knees begging forgiveness for the lives he spent like they were so many campaign contributions.

UPDATE: Jonn Lilyea of the badass blog This Ain't Hell sends another beauty of the AF Academy cadets celebrating Obama deigning to visit them by sending their sombreros skyward.

White House Picture of the Day May 23, 2012