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Stupidest reason yet to do away with the all volunteer force

Must Reads

Jonn Lilyea at TAH has a way with words when it comes to the latest meme about the troops being out of control.

Here is a story on the return of Specialist James Dutton, 25, to his home town of Checotah, Oklahoma. Specialist Dutton was KIA March 31 in Logar province, Afghanistan.  The town turned out for him.  This is how it's done, people.  [Hat tip to "Taun" for the link]

Our pal Jeff Schogol and Markeshia Ricks have a piece at Air Force Times about the increasing demand for UAV pilots.

Everyone needs to go and "Like" this post on FB by the men of Ranger's completely devoid of taste or tact, just like we like it.

Last, -here is a must view - the awesome cast of How I Met Your Mother supports Soldiers' Angels .  Check this out.

Updates: The anniversary of the assassination of Nick Rowe was Saturday and Susan Katz Keating has a must post about Colonel Rowe..

Mooresville, NC, turns out for a wounded Marine - Corporal Garrett Carnes. [Hat tip to John McE for the link]