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Can't seem to find the outrage

The LA Times has published pictures of US troops posing with the dead body parts of insurgent bombers. I am required by the code of military common decency and professionalism to state that I am outraged by this. But I am not really. Of course it causes us further difficulties in our battle for the hearts and minds of the Afghan populace, but we have lost that battle by never really fighting it. Of course it is wrong and against military regulations but the violators will be punished.

So now the media will flog this faux outrage and the usual suspects will remind us that the military is simply a bunch of savages not fit for decent society, or alternatively a collection of victims so dehumanized by war they are no longer able to tell right from wrong.

Well both of those are wrong and what you have here is an understandable reaction to the deaths of an enemy who has no decency, who has no honor and who kills innocents as often as combatants. It is perfectly natural to hate a cowardly enemy who kills your friends anonymously and then skulks away in the night afraid to fight you fairly.That enemy deserves no respect and we may rightly rejoice and do the dead tango dance when he blows himself up or is returned to his component molecules by the righteous power of Hellfire. Just don't take any pictures people.