PTSD to blame for Afghan shooting?
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The Definitive Post on SSG Bales and the P.T.S. Defense

I think that I can safely say that Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell speaks for most of us. The defense of SSG Bales will try to take down any of us who'ved served in combat and have issues with PTS.  I think that accounts for most...

Bales already screwed over our troops in combat, now his lawyer is going to screw over the rest of us.  Jonn nails it here:

...But I hope this cock-holster lawyer takes into account the “hundreds of thousands of GIs” who he’ll be affecting by calling the choices his client made “PTSD”. Of course, I’m hoping against hope here, but there’s always a chance...

And this piec sums up my feelings about the matter better than I could have written about it:

...We are professional soldiers who know bullshit when we see it…and this blog is an ongoing discussion of that bullshit. Save that “innocent until proven guilty” shit for the jury. We are not bound by the constitution here. And we’re all pretty pissed off that the choices that SSG Bales made will affect the people we care most about when they’re in Afghanistan…wanna talk about fairness? The people who’ve done their duty, stuck to their own lofty principles despite repeated tours of duty in the war against terror, are the ones who will ultimately pay the price for Bales’ actions...

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