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News Flash: Ivy League Barely Has Any Vets

I saw a link on Instapundit this morning that I followed to Walter Russel Meade's place and then on to the source article at Bloomberg in the context of a Princeton professor pining for more veteran students. If Bloomberg has their numbers right and I don't see any reason to doubt them, then out of all eight Ivy League campus' there are a grand total of 913 veterans. That might sound like quite a few until you go on Wikipedia and total up all of the enrollments of those schools and you come up with the number 109,667. So if you divide 913 into 109,667 you get .83% (less than 1%) of the students on those campus' combined are military veterans. In fact, let me lay this out for you in a simple table.

School Total Students Total Veterans % Veterans
Princeton 7592 4 0.05%
Yale 11666 13 0.11%
Dartmouth 6141 16 0.26%
Columbia 22920 459 2.00%
Harvard 20699 250 1.21%
Cornell 20633 93 0.45%
Brown 8649 12 0.14%
Penn 11367 66 0.58%
Total 109667 913 0.83%

While this gels nicely with the overall attitude of cultural elites against the military, it is still somewhat of a shock.  Its almost as if they are trying NOT to let veterans into their institutions.  I do find it amusing that the Bloomberg headline "Princeton Trails Columbia" is not quite as leading as it might be.  Yeah, they're trailing alright.  They have FOUR veterans on a campus of 7600 students.  Meanwhile, Columbia who is far ahead of everyone else at 2% of their student body has more veterans on their campus than all the other Ivies combined!  Even 2% seems a bit low, but it is hard to criticize Columbia in this area considering the competition. 

It's no wonder our cultural elites are so morally weak, physically weak and out of touch.  Columbia's Dean of Enrollment had an interesting quote that you might think would be compelling to the adminstrators of these Universities.

“Veteran students add to the academic experience for all the students in the classroom,” Curtis Rodgers, dean of enrollment at Columbia’s School of General Studies, said in a phone interview. “A 17-year-old from one of the best private high schools in the world sitting next to a 28-year-old who’s had three combat tours -- you can imagine how that affects the conversation in the classroom.”

Yeah.  No Shit.

Update: Some commenters are contending that .83% is double the amount of veterans in the US civilian population.  After approximately 9 seconds of Googling I found some sources refuting that contention.  Specifically, according to, 12.1% of the US population are veterans.  ABC News says that there are 22,658,000 as of November 2011, and that .75% of the US population is CURRENTLY in uniform. I could go on, but its clear that there is no need.