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New group “Walks the Walk” addressing PTS/PTSD and veteran employment

We hear and read a lot about the problems associated with our young veterans, in the area of unemployment and especially concerning “the unseen wounds” of PTS, PTSD and TBI suffered by combat veterans.

Former Team Rubicon member Rick Collins has started an organization and put together an outstanding group of people with a plan to address “The Unseen Wound”.  It is an ambitious but well thought out pair of plans which address the needs of young, single combat veterans(the most vulnerable of our veteran demographic) with PTS, PTSD or TBI and faced with unemployment. 

Using the squad concept, “The Unseen Wound” will put together 12 of veterans in a squad and takes them through a treatment and service regime to help address their needs both physically and mentally and help them transition into a successful and fulfilling civilian life.  The squad, of course, becomes their support group.

Here’s how the program is described:

Healing The Unseen Wound Inc., located in San Diego, CA. provides assistance to at-risk combat veterans as they migrate from military service into civilian life. Our goal is to help these young veterans ―one squad at a time‖ with focused services that will enable them to succeed in the civilian world and to do so from a position of strength and confidence and a better place as it relates to their mental health. With support from the military, veteran and civilian communities we can reduce the number of young veterans who take their own lives due to the cause and effects of PTSD and the despondency they often feel when dealing the with the civilian world after the organized structure of military service.

The engagement of our first squad of student-veterans will be managed within the San Diego regions. Students veterans will graduate with enhanced resumes, service certificates, a support structure to ensure future success and a stronger psychological mind set. The business plan will be deployable to other cities and military hubs across the nation.

Healing The Unseen Wound Inc. was formed due to the distressing increase in veteran suicides, homelessness and unemployment. The increase in domestic abuse, anger related events and substance abuse call all be laid squarely on the cause and effect of PTSD.

Our goal is that through our engagement, training and support programs that our student-veterans will also take what they have learned and encourage their fellow veterans to seek and accept life saving PTSD treatment and support.

This month they move into their “proof of concept” model where they screen and recruit their first “squad” in the San Diego area. They hope, at some point, to be able to go nationwide with this concept.

Not content with just getting them ready for a civilian job, “The Unseen Wound” has initiated another ambitious venture that will train and marry up the veteran with willing employers.  Called E3 (which stands for Engagement, Education, Employment), the program has specific goals and is being implemented as we speak:

The goals of the program are to provide our student-veterans with the professional, psychological and inter-personal skills needed to succeed in civilian life from both a business and family perspective. During their engagement student-veterans will receive skills training in recognized civilian trades for specific employment opportunities, sustained esprit de corps with their fellow veterans and accredited PTSD/Trauma, wellness and family support to address their mental health concerns and improve their general well being.

Much like any college degree, albeit shorter (6 months) our student-veterans will make the necessary commitment to graduate and move forward into predefined employment while adopting personal growth practices.

E3 will recruit, engage and educate thousands of willing and able veterans. The GI Bill will cover education and cost of living expenses. The Veterans Innovation Center (VIC) community blue print will support the veterans and their families. Employers will welcome highly trained and motivated veterans into their corporate structure.

Our first model will be launched under the direction of E3 with the support the Veterans Innovation Center, Washington DC. the post 9/11 GI Bill, the Federal Government, the Veterans Administration, the Mayor, staff and residents of the City of Valdosta GA. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and Green Leaf Counseling Services.

Collins and “The Unseen Wound” are actively engaged in addressing a crying need.  As veterans we all know how important this sort of a program is.  Currently the unemployment rate for young veterans under 24 is 30.4%.   This is one of our most “at risk” groups in our veteran community.  The Unseen Wound, through its treatment and E3 program aims to do something about that and would appreciate your support.

If you’d like to help out monetarily with these two very worthwhile programs, please click here.  You can sponsor a squad for as little as $12 a month.   And, if you’d like to volunteer to help, well they’re looking for volunteers too.  Click the same link and hit the “contact us” link.