This Week in US Military History
The Shah Karez Streets


Yesterday the AFP came out with a story that 41 children ranging in age from 6 to 11 were rescued by Afghan forces before entering Pakistan to become suicide bombers.  Apparently their parents were misled by the taliban that their children were getting scholarships essentially at Pakistani madrassas.  The idea that grown men could make the argument that they were following a religious duty by sacrificing young children in this way is all the proof that anyone could ever need that islam is a twisted death cult desperately in need of reformation at the very least.   

I personally witnessed something even more horrifying in Iraq in 2007.  I led and conducted two operations that captured four suicide bombers in al Anbar province.  Three of the bombers were Iraqi teenagers aged 14-17, and one of them was a Saudi fanatic in his 20's.  The three teens had all been raped by al Qaeda in Iraq members and then given the following ultimatum:

Become a suicide bomber and a martyr for Allah and go to paradise or we'll tell your family that you are a homosexual and they will "honor" kill you out of shame. 

This particular group of AQIZ not only sodomized young boys for allah, but used their religious strictures against them in order to coerce them to kill themselves and others.  Not that regular B5 readers are ignorant of this level of depravity, but I wanted to point out that this latest occurence in Afghanistan is no isolated incident.