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Book Review: The Veil War

Okay, this isn't really a book review...more like a book plug.  Since the interest we had here about whether a Marine Expeditionary Unit could defeat the Roman Empire, I learned that a friend of mine, Stephen Gustav, had been working on a book about a similar premise.

The Veil War is a story about Marines in Iraq.  And goblins.  Dig it.

The basic idea is Tolkien vs Tom Clancy.  It occurred to Stephen a few months ago that no one's ever (to our knowledge) attacked fiction from that particular angle.  Spies and magic, sure.  But not modern military v. magic, myth and eldritch horror.  And then Stephen made the mistake of telling his 8 year old boy about it.  He started waking him up early every morning so he could tell him about the ideas and
background I was making up. According to Stephen:

I tried to balance the magic and tech so it'd be an even fight (because logistics and stand-off weapons are a real problem for goblins, even with magic swords and armor) and tell the story in a straightforward way.  Right now, the first 2000 words are up at:

and another 30,000 are in the bag waiting to be published. On my weekly publishing schedule, that means I've got months to keep writing and finish, and a very strong motivation to do so.

Check it out - I think you'll enjoy it regardless, and I'd love to have more feedback.  I hope you enjoy the story.

So go over to the Veil War web site where you can read the first two chapters and take part in the feedback.  Plus, you can read it before anyone else as it's published!




The website itself, where you can read the story and blog posts about the story. That page has an email subscription option and RSS feed for those who prefer that. If you have a account, you can also follow the site that way.