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Teenagers totally down with waterboarding

There is a fun piece at the Daily Beast today bemoaning the horror of a Red Cross study showing that 60% of teens believe that it is OK to torture our enemies during time of war. Kinda ugly on the surface, OK, but let's dig a bit deeper. First the saddened reaction from the Beast.

It’s a simple question with a gut-wrenching answer: In a time of war, is it ever OK to torture an enemy?

For decades, the answer was an automatic no. The often-cruel conditions endured by prisoners of war during World War Two spurred the Geneva Conventions, which stipulated an agreed-upon set of standards for handling war victims. By the late 1960s, when any young man could have been drafted to go to Vietnam, the humane treatment of soldiers was at the forefront of many Americans’ concerns.....

But now, during a time of two overseas wars, Americans’ opinions on torture seem to have fractured, and largely on generational lines. A new study by the American Red Cross obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast found that a surprising majority—almost 60 percent—of American teenagers thought things like water-boarding or sleep deprivation are sometimes acceptable. More than half also approved of killing captured enemies in cases where the enemy had killed Americans. When asked about the reverse, 41 percent thought it was permissible for American troops to be tortured overseas. In all cases, young people showed themselves to be significantly more in favor of torture than older adults.

Well all right then. a little common sense has broken out among our young 'uns. Now obviously the Beast's pin head assumes that this is due to desensitizing of the youth by the ever popular video game boogey man. Well of course, even though no statistics have borne this out for the several decades it has been a cause celebre. Well then, what could cause a change in the feelings of a generation?

Oh I don't know, maybe the simple fact that throughout their lifetimes today's teens have seen that Islamist terrorists will slaughter innocents anywhere they can. That just might be a factor eh? 3,000 Americans killed on our own soil, suicide bombings, beheadings, honor killings and more. Maybe these kids are just paying attention to the realities of the planet they live on. Evil walks the Earth, and it cries Allahu Akbar before if slays. Perhaps they think that if we catch any of these evil, malevolent bastards, we ought not shrink from giving them a professional shower if that can save the lives of innocents.

If that is what video games hath wrought, then Playstations for all the children.