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Westboro Baptists Defeated

OK now I'm confused

or conflicted or something. Who do we root for in this instance?

A top Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) leader was reported to have been killed in an ambush by Colonel Muammar Qaddafi's forces earlier this month. The LIFG leader, known as Urwah, was detained in Iran in 2004 but allowed to return to Libya to participate in the fighting against Qaddafi's regime earlier this year.

Go read the whole bit at Long War Journal, but the important thing is that LIFG is an al Qaeda affliliate/franchise/whatever. So we have Qaddafi, who we have sworn (in an Op-Ed) to overthrow, killing an al Qaeda goon. Too bad we couldn't have had some sort of Islamist douchebag/ Drag Queen loser sympathetic detonation or spontaneous combustion turning them all into a smouldering pile of halal pig food.

I joke, but I also have to look at this and wonder if Obama's bong hit diplomacy is up to the task. Getting inside the enemy's OODA loop is a bold move best done by decisive leaders. Obama is the Ditherer in Chief and waits until the action sorts itself out before walking in and trying to take credit. We still have no semblance of a coherent policy in the region and the signs point to indecision and poll watching as O moves back into his comfort zone of Campaigner in Chief.