Aguilera screws it up, royally...
Pirate motherships?

We are the Champions!

It was not a dominant performance, but it was like the rest of the Packers' season, they overcame. They had a dozen starters on injured reserve, out for the season. They lost Charles Woodson and Donald Driver in the first half. And yet, The Lombardi trophy goes back home. Bliss. Strap on that Championship belt, A-Rodg.


I appreciate the respect shown by the rest of the B5 team by not posting while the Packers began a year-long, totally deserved, victory lap of planet Earth. I wanted to share my favorite comment of any kind in a long time. I posted this pic of my shrine to the Football Gods and my awesome new shirt.


In response I got this from a regular B5 commenter who can front himself out in the comments if he wants. Bottom line, I giggled my ass off for quite a while.

This episode of "Uncle Jimbo's Playhouse" is sponsored by the letters "G" and "F" and the number "2"...

Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are.