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EXCLUSIVE - Jorge Rivera Vs. Michael Bisping Interview Leaked

Updated and Bumped 2-15-11:  Michael "the Count" Bisping appears to train with Jorge Rivera.  See second video below.

Updated and Bumped:  Apparently Mr. Bisping is not amused! Those Rangers were time on target...

Yes, we're fans of Army vet Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera.  Yes, he's going to crush Michael Bisping who happens to be from some island (full of illiterates) in the Med that you never heard of.  You can read the posts in the Jorge Rivera category here at Blackfive.

Here in an Exclusive leaked video secured by the Ranger Up guys for a huge sum of money and *cough* favors, Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping talk about their upcoming fight in UFC 127.

[Language Alert for F-Bombs]


Update 2-15-11 with the Tale of Count Bisping: