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Israelis make it a Very Happy Chanukah in Iran!

The Israelis built this airport for the Iranians sometime in the early 1970's... They put a Star of David on the roof with the Iranians remaining absolutely clueless about it. Almost four decades later, the Iranians find out via Google Earth imagery what the Israelis did...and they ain't happy about it.

This is all over the news right now.  Here's a report from FoxNews about how the Iranians are outraged (that they never noticed, in 38 years, that there was a Star of David on top of their airport).

Happy Chanukah!

Especially to you, you magnificent bastards, that built the Iranian Air airport.


Update:  Got a few questions on whether the Israelis built the fountain to the west of the airport as well.  Have no idea.  But that is one phallic fountain...