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Memphis bound

VFW Members (But not the PAC) Supports LTC ALLEN WEST

Despite the idiotic VFW support of LTC (ret) Allen West's opponent, over 500 VFW members supported LTC West at this event hosted by the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Leathernecks MC.

Congressional candidate LTC (ret) Allen West addressing a gathering of veterans at the Vets For West Rally in Delray Beach, FL on September 25, 2010. Highlights of his address included references to the fourth quarter of a football game and that we are now in the fourth quarter, and that the voters must put him in office where he will maintain honor and integrity while working for the good of our country. Content news and politics Copyright 2010 Channel 1 Images.

You can help to support LTC West here.

[Thanks to Michael C. for sending the video]