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Speaking of Pakistan taking our aid but denying our supply convoys...

Posted By Blackfive • [October 04, 2010]

Here's the Executive Summary of Team Rubicon's operation in Pakistan to provide relief in remote areas of Pakistan, the-country-that-is-accepting-our-massive-flood-relief-aid-but-blocking-our-convoys-from-crossing-into-Afghanistan-so-they-will-get-shot-up-by-the-Taliban.  Part of the summary is below:

...On August 28th TR deployed a two-man advance team to conduct a pre-deployment site survey of the southern Punjab region. On arrival the team met with the PMA, secured transportation and lodging, and identified safe routes of travel for the arriving team. Once the main body arrived three days later, TR set out to flood affected areas near the town of Muzzafargarh. Along with a well-trained and motivated group of Pakistani doctors, TR was able to set up daily clinics and treat more than 1,000 people per day...

Read the whole summary here.

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