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Team Rubicon - Pakistan Update

Here's the latest update from Team Rubicon's Pakistan Team Leader, William McNulty:

The Team Rubicon Pakistan mission is in many ways a pilot program for American medical professionals who are apprehensive about working in this country. Over the past few days TR has treated over 2,500 patients in various parts of southern Punjab, an area devastated by the floods and resulting water-borne disease. We treated patients for heat stroke, malaria, multi-drug resistant TB, scabies, boils, diarrhea, and severe dehydration. We were able to reach remote villages because we developed a local partner who facilitated our entry, security, and other logistical needs. Dr. Eduardo Dolhun noted that many of his colleagues wanted to travel to Pakistan but were just too scared to commit. Given the barriers to entry, including fear, I think we’ve proved that developing a trusted local partner – in conjunction with local security forces – is a safe way to bring medical relief to the 20 million plus Pakistani people who have lost their homes due to the flooding crisis. God knows they need it.

William McNulty
Team Leader
TR Pakistan

Be sure to check TR's blog with all of the updates (but a warning, as with Haiti, some of the photos are not for the weak hearted).  When you donate to TR, this is what is done with your hard earned money - TR saves lives.

TR - Pakistan001

TR members working with/teaching Pakistani children on how to stay healthy during the floods.

TR - Pakistan002

Out of scalpels due to the amount of boils TR has seen. Used 14 gauge needle to lance 3 boils on this girls face. “7 year old girl with multiple boils on her head. Very anxious and screaming when she arrived. Premedicated with augmentin and diazepam” says Dr. Dolhun.

With disease, flooding, and of course, extremist elements, TR is doing the best that they can to help the people of Pakistan.  Go here to read more.