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Army Strong Stories

The Army has a new social media site up that allows soldiers to write blogs about their lives and careers called Army Strong Stories. It has quite a few folks writing there from a large number of different jobs and perspectives.

This is a representative article, and I think they are doing a good job of providing another outlet for stories the media don't feel obligated to cover and letting the troops have a voice.

Although the media and DOD is rightly focused on Afghanistan, Iraq is now becoming the under the radar conflict, much like Afghanistan was for many years. We have a massive logistics undertaking going on right now with the movement of U.S. forces and equipment out of Iraq by the end of this summer. My unit participated in a ROC (rehearsal of concept) drill this past week in Baghdad where units planned for the movement of their equipment and forces out of Iraq.

It is always helpful to heart direct from the troops and that has been a strength of milblogs from those down range. The Army seems to have recognized that and is using the credible story tellers they have to get the good word out.