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Tax Day Tea Party DC- Signs, signs

The Tea Party Express came to Tax Town today on Tax Day to protest and while it wasn't massive it was lively. There were several thousand there and pretty much everybody had a sign. The mob wasn't angry, if anything they were disgusted but amused. The mood was upbeat and comical and there was plenty of Hope that we could Change things come November. No noticeable crashers, but one group of astroturf lefty wankers with a giant Soros funded sign claiming that 95% of Americans got a tax cut this year. Even if it's true, the tiny cuts they are mentioning were dwarfed by the giant new health care taxes and the gargantuan debt O has gifted us with. A gorgeous day, a ton of America-loving patriots and God-willing and the creek don't rise, the mob may rule come election day. A collection of my favorite signs follows.

I also ran into several Blackfive readers out supporting the cause. Thanks for saying hey, reading and fighting the power. Here is a link to the video from the 9/12 party here, and yes I do have a habit of using the left's protest songs against them.