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BG Poseur McSoulPatch arrested

The mighty forces of the Milblogosphere conspired together to take out an egregious wanker in a poster case for the Stolen Valor Act. It was a group effort, but the FBI eventually got on board and yesterday he got cuffed and stuffed. Story from local TV, which uses the Wanted poster that Mrs. G. made but doesn't credit her. We all know who caught this pile of dung whether the local media wants to fess up or not. CDR Salamander, This Aint Hell, Bouhammer, Mudville, CJ and a bunch of others all fact checked him, and kept on the FBI until they took him down. Bravo.


Here is the TV story. Check out the silly hat he is wearing when he answers the door, CIA with a BG star. What an ultra-maroon.

Michael Patrick McManus was arrested Friday night after a federal judge signed a warrant for his arrest. The FBI says he was arrested without incident.

A blog reads like an old time wanted poster: Wanted for stolen valor. Do you know this man? Reward. "Just looking at the guy, the appearance is that he was a truly decorated serviceman," said a man who took the photos of McManus.