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I was on FoxNew's Your World with Neil Cavuto last week to discuss the latest idiocy around the DHS Memo that claims that we need to watch returning veterans in case they join right wing extremist groups.  Those on the left are shouting that they were vindicated.

David Bellavia was supposed to be on the show but was going to be on a flight during the broadcast so I was a last minute stand in.  I did fine, could of have done better, and butchered some of the quotes from TAH and MG.  I had talked with TSO at TAH about his take, and I ended up using Greyhawk's quote about PT Boats without attribution (penalty is one box of cigars).

As Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Warrior Legacy Foundation, it was my duty to point a few factual errors in the memo and in the claims that the memo was vindicated by a racist lunatic murderer who hated Jews, Christians, the Weekly Standard and the Fox News channel. In fact, his target list included those news agencies.  He was not a right winger.  Since when did racism or identity with national socialism make someone right wing? 

The murdering lunatic did not use his military experience from the Navy, WWII, or anything in shooting a guard who opened the door for him.  The guard saw an elderly gentleman and tried to help him.  He died for being a better man and the target of opportunity.  And the some celebrate the alleged vindication of the memo instead of highlighting the loss of Stephen Johns - by all accounts a good man and a good father.

Over at Crooks and Liars, they decide that the memo was justified.  Without discussing veterans, C&L decide that because there are extremist lunatics out there, the memo is justified.  Von Brunn had already done time for crimes in the extreme before - when we had a Causcasion President, a Republican President (perhaps the most Republican president of all time).

I guess it would have been if it had addressed WWII vets.  It addressed Iraq and Afghanistan vets, not anyone else.  But if that murdering lunactic who attacked the holocaust Museum is an indication of extremist activity, there seems to be a 65 year incubation period for violence.

Domestic terrorists are no more representative of their generation, than Von Brunn was of the Greatest Generation.