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Support MMA for the National Guard

A note from Nick at Ranger Up.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Tuesday afternoon I am meeting with National Guard officials who are considering adding Special Forces Operator and top mixed martial arts competitor Tim Kennedy to their elite athlete program.  Those of you that know Tim, or even know of him, can attest to the fact that he is certainly deserving of that honor.
The National Guard has two main questions:
1) How many people support Tim Kennedy?
2) Does the National Guard need an MMA team?
I firmly believe that MMA is the only sport that truly tests our resolve to close with and destroy the enemy, and I believe that Tim has more than a few supporters. 
I don't think I am alone in feeling that way.
As such, I am asking for your help.
I have created an email account at email GoTimKennedy@gmail.com.  I am posting this at 4AM Monday morning.  I am going to unfurl the results during our meeting.
Please take a moment to shoot an email to that address and tell the National Guard that you support Tim Kennedy.

All he needs is an email or two thousand.