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ROTC Link - Connecting ROTC Alums and Future Officers

We have a new sponsor.  I am grateful to announce that US Army ROTC is building a social network community of alumni and current cadets/future officers.  The ROTC goal is to have alumni become mentors of future officers in the US Army and help them with their decisions around career and military choices, academics, and become the best officer that they can aspire to be.  ROTC Alums can also search for jobs (civilian careers, too) and reconnect with former classmates and peers. 

This is simply one fantastic idea.

Twenty years and *cough* thirty pounds ago, I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Armor Corps.

As a former Sergeant who had the opportunity to go to the University of Illinois via ROTC, I'm signing up as a mentor.  There were some frustrating days and a lot of hard work (Colonel Cornelius Easter's final exams were seriously the most demanding written exams I've ever taken), but, all in all, it was a great learning experience where I made some of the best friends that I still have today.

If you are an ROTC grad (current, retired, or former ROTC Commissioned Officer), click the ad in the far right side bar and go sign up. If you are a ROTC Cadet, hit the link.  For non-ROTC types, please find someone who is and ask them to do the same.

Sign up today. You can make a difference in the future of our Army.

Update:  Reader Patrick C. sends this interesting article about a Princeton ROTC grad who addressed the the Commencement.