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A journey back to Normandy

There is a group of WWII veterans who are returning to the scene of one of the most epic battles in our history. They are going back to Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day. They were barely men when they helped liberate Europe and are in their 80s now but they wanted to walk the ground that so many consecrated with their blood so long ago. The trip was arranged by a group called The Greatest Generations Foundation that does many wonderful things like this. I got a call from one of their board members letting me know they would be stopping in DC to visit the WWII Memorial for a remembrance of the fallen prior to heading to London and then Normandy. He asked if I would like to meet them and the answer was absolutely.

IMG_1223  They are accompanied by 20 kids from the College of the Ozarks who do good works like this as part of their college experience. It was touching to see the guys laying flowers at the memorial and also to see the connections the kids made with them almost immediately. They are also going to meet with a group of German soldiers who were on the ground defending against the invasion. This is a chance for all of these men to get some closure on what for many of them was the defining moment of their lives.

IMG_1235  It happened that Bob and Liddy Dole were there and spent some time with them while they were visiting the WWI Memorial here in DC. They have a website here that details the trip and will have updates as it progresses. What a fantastic program and great thing to do for these guys.