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Jouralism PTSD - Just like Soldiers

Rick at Brutally Honest has a piece from the Washington Times that says:

"Journalists can experience powerful frustration and demoralization," said Dr. Ochberg, "especially when they go literally to the ends of the earth and subject themselves to physical and emotional risk. And they realize that their job is to bring back information that only falls on deaf ears. All their work might just end up in flaming passion and no solution."

Combat veterans, police on the beat, battered spouses and ambulance technicians are among the most frequent sufferers. They report combinations of unshakable memories, isolation and anxiety for no logical reason. In severe cases, victims can get startled uncontrollably, can barely sleep and become severely - even suicidally - depressed.

Go over to Rick's to read the rest.  The closing sentence by Rick is CLASSIC.

Yes, I think embedded or combat reporters can/will get PTSD.  I've often wondered about how Mike Yon, Arwa Damon or Mick Ware (or others) deal.

But some of this other stuff is complete BS.