Maybe I Was Wrong ...
A letter from Afghanistan

FOA Bike Ride: We Survived

THANK YOU to all of you who made donations to the ride!  It was incredible, as always, and this year we even had some pleasant surprises in the form of one whole subdivision/community coming out to cheer us all on.  The effect this had on all our participants, particularly those who were wounded, was incredible. 

I'm on the road back home from the ride, stopped outside Columbus, OH for a quick lunch and a quick post to reassure one and all (or disappoint a few) that Chuck and I are both alive, sleep deprived, and in surprisingly good shape.  Team Chuck Z rocked, and we rolled the entire way no matter what. 

A fuller report is coming up once I get home, including photos that show the entire team and not just the ugly three.  (Thanks Mom for taking the photos!).