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Muslim losers protest return of Brit troops

Britmuslimlosers This is really reprehensible and deserving of scorn and outrage and all that as theses scum protest the return of the troops who give them the right to show what ass clowns they are (there were baby killer signs as well). But seriously, look at these pathetic losers they suck Hoover.

Start with homie on the left in his horrible gel-met, a Member's Only rip-off jacket, those sweet pouty lips and sneer and definitely butt boy for the "beards". Jesus I just noticed your awful shoes you wanker. You spent more on your hair gel than your footwear.

So now let's discuss the hirsute, angry, wannabe Fonzie next to him. Nice man-dress tough guy. I men at least on your buddy it makes sense, but it's difficult to catch that scary vibe you are trying to throw when I wanna just flip up your skirt and kick you in your scrawny little ass. I also really think you have on some womens panties dude. Can you say over-compensating? And c'mon you scowling douche, what are you 4 foot 10 for chrissakes? What do you think would happen if the cops weren't protecting your punk ass little fella? I'll tell you, you would get your ass kicked by one of those Brit troop's girlfriends. OMG I just noticed the Garanimals tag on your jacket you poncy little poseur.

I gotta say these are the f**cking twats that will end up heading to Pakistan for training and end up ventilated by the good fellas at Afghanistan Shrugged (h/t LW). Now that is a good use of our tax dollars.

Oh and by the way, welcome home Royal Anglians and thanks for the help. UPDATE: HA has video from the beclowning.