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"Truly Heroic" - Aussie SAS Trooper Mark Donaldson

Peter in Australia sends the link to this amazing story about an Australian SAS soldier who drew enemy fire in order to save a wounded soldier and then saw an interpreter left behind and went to go get him as well.

Here's a taste of Mark Donaldson's work in "The Australian":

...Trooper Donaldson was serving with the SAS in Oruzgan province in Afghanistan on September 2 last year when his unit was hit by an ambush, wounding nine Australians.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross for “most conspicuous acts of gallantry in a circumstance of great peril”, according to the citation.

“During a prolonged and effective enemy ambush on numerous occasions he deliberately drew the enemy’s fire in order to allow wounded soldiers to be moved to safety.

“As the battle raged around him he saw that a coalition force interpreter was lying motionless on exposed ground.

“With complete disregard for his own safety, on his initiative and alone, Trooper Donaldson ran back 80 metres across exposed ground to rescue the interpreter and carry him back to vehicle.

“Trooper Donaldson then rejoined his patrol and continued to engage the enemy while remaining exposed to heavy enemy fire.”...

Read about his exceptional story at The Australian.  Also, read about the battle in an earlier article.