FoxxyNews Says "Happy Holidays and Thank You to the Troops!"
Christmas Eve cinnamon rolls

My Christmas Wish...

The time has finally come for me to watch little Deebow and Mrs. Deebow open their gifts.  If you live out here on the Left Coast, like we do; or you watch the news, you know that we have been living with about 3 feet of Global Warming all over the ground and it is still here.

Every Christmas is the Merriest of Christmases to me, because I remember the times when I wasn't there.  The times I was on post, on patrol or standing a watch somewhere in the world, far from anything familiar or away from danger. 

Here at B5, we all strive to remember those men and women that today, right now somewhere in the world, are patrolling the streets in places with names like Diyala, Zormat, Tikrit, Konar, Pushtey, or Ghazni.

My Christmas wish is that for all that read this, that we keep that in mind as we enjoy the freedoms we have because of their sacrifice and that we enjoy the holiday season as a celebration of not only the reason for the season, but as a tribute to them.

Merry Christmas everyone, especially to those men and women who are somewhere not only watching our six o'clock, but the six o'clock of their buddy to their left or right....