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An Interview with Mark L. Van Name, Part 3

This is part of a series of interviews sponsored by Baen Books with some of today's top military science fiction writers.

If you've read books by David Drake, the odds are you will have noticed the name Mark L. Van Name for quite some time now. If you work in the technology field, you probably have come across his name a time or two as well, especially given his work with Ziff Davis Media. If you read scinece fiction magazines and anthologies, you have come across the name there as well. Stealing from his web site, Mark is a technology guru who also happens to to have a company, Principled Technologies, that tests technology products before they hit the market. His science fiction novels are Slanted Jack, One Jump Ahead, and an anthology with T. K. F. Weisskopf Transhuman.

Today's installment covers Jim Baen, blogging, and some thoughts on the future of communications, as well as the start of a discussion on writers and writing. Part two of the series can be found here and part four here. Enjoy.