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Join Us at BlogWorldExpo and the MilBlog conference

First, you have until September 15th to use this code and get a 20% discount on registering for the BlogWorldExpo.  Use this code to register: MTWDC9B

And for those of you attending, we have an invite and instructions (afer the Jump) to attend the BlackFive Party on Friday night, September 19th.

The authors at BlackFive wanted to extend an invite to you for the BlackFive Party on Friday night, September 19th, from 7pm to 9pm, at the Penthouse Club in Las Vegas.  We'll have a private room (no entertainers) with an open bar and will begin promptly with a proper "Absent Companions!" toast.  After 9pm, we can stay as long as we'd like.

To get into the party, there are three requirements:

    1.  Personnel:  I need a name (that matches your ID) to put on the invite list at the PH Club.  No name on the list = no entrance to the party.  So reply with the names of you and your guests.
    2.  Transport:  To avoid paying a rather large cover charge, the attendees must take either a designated shuttle bus or non-taxi transportation.  Shuttle buses will leave the Sahara at 630pm to go to the party (and continue to pick up at the Sahara).  If you take a taxi, you will have to pay the *huge* cover charge at the club (all clubs pay each cab $40-60 per passenger to bring guests so they make up the costs by charging cover).  If you drive yourself, the club is at 3525 W. Russell, just a block or two west of Mandalay Bay.
    3.  Uniform:  Business Casual (no sneakers, shorts or jeans).  Jeans have been approved.

So, let me know who to put on the guest list for.  As long as I've got a name by September 15th, we're good to go.  Please forward to other attendees of the MilBlog/BWE conference to ensure we get the word out to everyone.

P.S.  Some folks have been wondering "Why at the Penthouse Club?"  The answer is very, very simple - Penthouse is paying for the party, the buses, the open bar, etc. because they support the troops.  In order to placate those of us with delicate sensibilities (like myself), we requested that no entertainers be in the room during the party. 

So, relax and have a great time in Vegas.