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Warning: The Wolf Shall Come Out of the North

While things are still extremely tentative, I did want to give warning to the citizens of the following locations for the dates shown. If you live near Virginia Tech, Friday 20 June; Raleigh, NC, Saturday 21 June; Atlanta, Tuesday 24 June; Huntsville, AL Wednesday 25 June; and Nashville/Murphreesboro, TN Thursday 26 June, be advised that myself and Miss Jenny may be in your area. Plans are still somewhat up in the air, but if you live in or near these places, and would like to get together with a fat mangy wolf -- and, maybe even do a free-fly we can post -- let me know via and we will see what works out. I can make no promises yet, but thought I should give adequate warning.

BTW, whoever gets the referent for the title, well, I will come up with something other than to simply say that you are a true uber geek...