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Bill Russell for Congress against Murtha

Posted By Uncle Jimbo • [June 18, 2008]

Russellcongress He has been reinstated, via write ins, to the race and faces the Lummox Murtha in the Fall. What a tremendous shot of payback it would be to send that disgraceful swine home. He is corrupt, stupid and an embarrassment to his constitutents. H/T MM

I blogged about Bill Russell last fall (see here). It’s time for a re-introduction. He’s an Army vet, 9/11 survivor, and small business owner who is challenging smear merchant/corruptocrat Rep. John Murtha. I saw Russell at the fantastic Pennsylvania Leadership Conference last month (where the photo above was snapped). He is a staunch conservative, a true American patriot, and he deserves your support. If there were ever a time for the grass-roots to come together and help an underdog Republican candidate make a difference, this is it.

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