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Heroes Tour Update- Mark Finelli Interview

The Heroes Tour has made it from San Diego to LA, Phoenix, Tucson and now we are in San Antonio. The events have all been special and the reception very warm. It has been heartening to see good-sized groups of people eager to hear from the folks with the real deal from Iraq and Afghanistan. This tour serves multiple purposes starting with allowing Americans across the country a chance to see and hear about the battles we have fought and the progress we have made. But just as much it serves as a counter-narrative to the MSM portrayal of our efforts in Iraq as a failure.


Since we sent the extra troops and changed our strategy to counter-insurgency (COIN), the results could hardly be more startling. That is one of the more compelling stories being told on the tour. Pete Hegseth talks about his time in Doura when it served as AQI HQ in Baghdad and was essentially a no-go zone, and contrasting that with his trip to the same neighborhood 2 weeks ago where kids played in the streets and he didn't hear a single shot in three days out with patrols. Or Jeremiah Workman, who fought his way through 2 dozen insurgents in a single house in Fallujah earning the Navy Cross in '04, describe the utter normality of life when he went back last September. We are winning and so are the Iraqis. The losers are the MSM and the Defeatocrats.

Americans hate losers and they will not side with those who seek to stop our troops from finishing the job we set them to. It hurts the left deep in their souls to contemplate the willful slaughter of innocents they have attempted to portray as the result of our freeing the Iraqi people from a tyrant. They cannot fathom that peace could come from the barrel of a gun. Yet all peace worth having has been born of conflict. Our own liberation from tyranny was not negotiated by diplomats and pacifists, it was bought with the blood of patriots. The slave trade was ended when the US and British Navies said no more, and it was eradicated in the US when the Armies of the North refused to allow the South to continue the barbaric practice. World War II saw the military might of the free world prevail against Italian and German fascism and Japanese Imperialism and the combination of US and NATO defense spending and resolve bankrupted the Soviet Union and laid low one more evil empire.

Well we face another global threat and although it's real threat to the West is demographic, poses a direct threat to innocent civilians. The jihadists can't defeat us in combat, as a matter of fact they have died in bunches every time they try, but they can sow chaos and fear and make life miserable for many. They also have powerful, moneyed interests like the Saudi Wahabbists who fund radical Madrassas and help spread the message of Submission to all of Dar al Harb (That's all you non-submitted or dhimmified westerners).