Marines at the Horn of Africa
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Blackfive TV- Surge Anniversary & Big Bombing Day

This episode we'll try the news. First up is Surge Anniversary, one year ago it was announced and militarily it has succeeded. Gen. Petraeus speaks on this from Iraq.

Next one of the biggest bombing days since the very early days of the war. AQI and Shia militias both have used Arab Jabour as a safe haven. Lots of good explosions and then 1/30 INF moving in on the ground to clean up, firefight footage thanks to SGT Jay Townsend.

Last Maj. Eric Egland who is running for Congress in Cali, got the good news that the incumbent, who is under corruption investigation, is going to retire. This could draw come opportunist candidates into the game so he needs ammo to stay ahead check out his campaign site here.