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A Request from Blackfive

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Along with Blackfive, some of your favorite Military Blogs were nominated as finalists in the 2007 Web Log Awards (Military Blog category).  At this time there is some effort underway by "progressives that want to end the occupation of Iraq" to support their guy (who happens to be a good guy, whatever you think about his politics).  With that kind of voting effort, I'm going to something that I've never done before - openly solicit your votes for a specific candidate for best military blog.

Go now and vote for Michael Yon. Let's put our collective weight behind my friend and ensure that he gets the award that he deserves.  No one has done or accomplished what Mike Yon has accomplished and continues to do.  Get to it.

When you're done voting for Mike, here's some other votes you should think about casting to help our military family and friends.  Click on the category title to go vote!