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Someone You Should Meet: Sgt. Andreas


Blackfive has long had Someone You Should Know as a regular feature. The people featured there are indeed someone you should know, and the stories there are inspiring. While in Iraq, however, the idea came to me that there were some special people you should meet just as I was getting to meet them: the troops. To that end, I started doing some audio interviews so you could hear them in their own words.

The first volunteer was Sgt. Andreas, who is a Army cook in the old tradition: he can drive, dismount, clear, and still cook a good meal for a hundred (or more) hungry guys. I think I hurt his feelings a bit when I called him evil, but the smile came back quickly when I said it was because his chow was causing me to eat more than I should and that I was having to resume morning PT.


Here is the first entry into the Someone You Should Meet category, done as an MP3 file. If there are problems, let me know and I will fix things as fast as I can. I also hope to make this into a small movie using the stills here, but there is only so much one can do on a lunch break...

Download SgtA.mp3

In this day and age when it seems that everything is being outsourced, remember Sgt. Andreas. Think of the good, hot food he provides his fellow troops. His specialty may vanish one day, but as one who fights as well as cooks, he is someone you should meet.



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