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Haditha and the truth

Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.

Bernard Law Montgomery

Turns out the guys from AQI read up on this, because they planned on making as much hay out of this as they could with our traitorous Old Media in order to further their own cause.  The Old Media were eager for a story like this so that they could not only bash America, but falsely accuse and, I am certain, hopefully falsely convict some of our Marines in order to have more propaganda for the enemy.

I found this before I went to bed last night and wanted to put something up about it in order to help pass the word on this story.  Many thanks to Nathaniel Helms for doing his part and doing the maximum amount of justice to this story and keeping the heat on that dirtbag Murtha and his libelous comments abut good men who volunteer put themselves between Americans and murderers.

The link to the story from Nathaniel is here.

I am heartened to know that we have one more great American who will continue to help hold Murtha to the fire by defeating him and others like him with the Kryptonite of all; facts.

Oh!!!!!  I almost forgot my favorite part of the story.

Eleven insurgents involved in the attack are identified by name and affiliation the details of the summary.  All of them were killed or captured in the days immediately following the Haditha incident.

Sounds to me like at least one side got exactly what they had coming.  Our guys should be getting what is due to them soon; a few medals and an apology from Jack Murtha (to start with).

In order to help Jack Murtha with his facts, along with some points for his written apology, make sure to fax a copy of this report to him at one of his offices;

814-539-6229 for his District office or 202-225-5709 for his Washington Office.

Time Magazine reporter Tim McGirk should be doing the perp-shuffle to the gallows right now because, as the story says:

McGirk received his video "evidence" and contacts from two known Iraqi insurgent operatives already under observation by Marine Corps counter-intelligence teams.  One of the Iraqi witnesses McGirk relied on had just been released from almost six months captivity for insurgent activities and the other witness was considered a useful intelligence tool by Marines listening to him talk on his cell phone.

Yup!  Sounds like a collaborator to me.  I hope this guy is sent to the Department of Ironic Punishments located on the lower east side of Hell.  I hear it is nice most times of the year.

And reporters wonder why they draw fire....