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Nails It!

US, French & United Nations victorious in Iraq

I think my man Petraeus is stealing a march on the left and the Democrats. He has already been floating the idea of troop reductions next year, but the beauty is that he is considering them because his cunning plan is working. I don't mean to engage in the cult of Petraeus, and I consider the effort to support and fight this war very widespread indeed, but as I said before right man, place & time.

Now here is why this tactic is such a brilliant one. The howling from the left comes largely in the form of Bring the Troops Home. By making troop reductions part of the post-surge COIN strategy he takes the heart out of the opposition. The reason for bringing the troops home had as much to do with declaring a defeat on W and the neo-con imperialist cabal as it ever did with genuine concern for the soldiers. By co-opting the Bring the Troops Home message the defeat cannot be declared and even worse the specter of victory is actually looming and that is very bad news for a party that has done all it can to lose the war. Man those videos of all the defeat-mongers are going to sting. I wonder if they still have that Mission Accomplished banner, wouldn't that just make their freakin' heads explode? All right I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but you have to have goals.

The battle on the ground in Iraq is actually going as well as it has for us, the war back here is also gaining traction. The question becomes what constitutes a victory and how can we accomplish that in the information war? I believe if an Oil law is passed and a formal reconciliation process is begun, then we should formally end Operation Iraqi Freedom and begin a nation-building and reconstruction program in conjunction with the UN and our French Allies. I just actually got a warm fuzzy at the prospect of the French Foreign Legion cracking skulls in Sadr City. Now before you come at me with "You are one crazy Mo.." stop for a second and examine the subtlety and nuance abounding. We can announce now that we are working with the UN to devise just such a program and we steal another theme because if the UN is in it's not W's war. Plus if you want to credit the UN with a useful function vaccinating poor kids and this would be as good as you could do. A country brutalized by a dictator, 50 Million freed from tyranny by US blood and treasure, and now the need for reconciliation and reconstruction. If they serve any function it ought to be this one.

And I'm not kidding about the French, they may be cheese-eating surrender monkeys, but Vive la Mort, vive la Guerre, vive le sacré mercenaire. I don't think anyone on our team would be sad to see the Legion march in at their customary slow crawl. So we brand it with UN blue and French tri-colors and now it's nation-buildng and peace-keeping Hurrah!

Did anybody catch the really good news in this not improbable scenario? That's right, it would mean we won. Yea! No seriously it will be hard to pry a victory from the cold dead hands of the defeateds. The press will hate having to credit the idiot cowboy and the rest of the left will fight tooth and nail to deny vindication of this war of aggression we were lied into. Trust me the end game with them will be no picnic, but with a French President who vacations in New Hampshire and got filmed wearing an FDNY t-shirt I'm opening my mind to all kinds of new and old ideas. I mean we were allies with France once, right?