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Sunday, July 22, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Scott Thomas, Franklin Foer & The New Republic- Beatdowns all around:

» Crumbling Credibility at The New Republic from A Blog For All
Dan Riehl notes that while the facts of this story are coming apart, Franklin Foer, the editor of TNR is holding to that statement posted on Friday. While the stories get debunked, Foer claims that those attacking the story have an ideological agenda... [Read More]

» Link Dump 23 July - Opening The Ball Valve With The Sanitary Tank Pressurized Edition from Chapomatic
Got some house movin to do here. You know how it is. I think Ill drive the first car 1800 miles the last day of the packout to get to the corporately owned government housing office (we dont acknowledge you exist ti... [Read More]

» Questioning The Timing from Ed Driscoll.com
In response to the claims of pseudonymous soldier/journalist/possible fabulist "Scott Thomas", Bob Owens has two simple questions for The New Republic "that any journalism student should have been able to answer before publishing a similar story":When ... [Read More]

» FOB Falcon and the Soldier Calling Himself Scott Thomas from a Mothers Perspective from Blue Star Chronicles
Pushing through a storm in Iraq Ive spent a lot of time reading about the Scott Thomas affair. Scott Thomas is the pseudonym taken by a Soldier in Iraq who is weaving tall tales about their adventures there. As the m... [Read More]

» The Fairness Fairies' Tough Row to Hoe from Charlie - Churchill's Parrot
In the name of all that is just, equal, and above all FAIR, our champions of same (i.e. the Lefties) have courageously proffered the re-instatement of the Fairness Doctrine. So doing would ensure that the rabid, blood-thirsty, hate-mongering of talk... [Read More]

» "gutless weasels possuming a ride" from Random Jottings
I liked this bit of unalloyed scorn for some people who deserve it. Uncle Jimbo on the New Republic and their ilk... ...While the left makes noises that they think mean they support the troops, they don't really, and... [Read More]

» Scott Thomas Exposed from Op For
The New Republic just posted a note from the mystery man himself: My Diarist, "Shock Troops," and the two other pieces I wrote for the New Republic have stirred more controversy than I could ever have anticipated. They were written... [Read More]

» Scott Thomas Exposed from Op For
The New Republic just posted a note from the mystery man himself: My Diarist, "Shock Troops," and the two other pieces I wrote for the New Republic have stirred more controversy than I could ever have anticipated. They were written... [Read More]

» Bloggers Raise Red Flags Over New Republic's 'Baghdad Diarist' (Updated) from SWJ Blog
22 July Washington Post - Bloggers Raise Red Flags Over New Republic's 'Baghdad Diarist' by Howard Kurtz. [Read More]

» 「冬の兵士」再び、米二等兵の軍隊バッシング from In the Strawberry Field
数日前、アメリカのニューリパブリック(TNR)という三流新聞にスコット・トーマスという仮名を使ったイラク駐留米兵によるものとされる「日記」が掲載された。三部に分けて掲載されたその日記に描かれた兵士らの行動は、路肩爆弾で顔に傷を負った女性を大声でからかった話や、大量埋葬地で見つかった子供の骸骨を頭に乗せて遊んでいる兵士、ブラッドリー戦車を乱暴に乗り回して野良犬を殺す悪趣味な兵士の話など、戦争犯罪に値するひどいものであった。(最後に日記の詳細を掲載するのでご参照のこと。) このため現役や退役及び家族など... [Read More]



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