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Thursday, July 26, 2007


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» http://instapundit.com/archives2/007589.php from Instapundit.com (v.2)
"SCOTT THOMAS" REVEALED, and the spin is as predicted. Plus, as Bruce Carroll notes: "The New Republic has still not corroborated anything Private Beauchamp wrote." They're hoping you won't notice that. UPDATE: More here. ANOTHER UPDATE: Mark Steyn not... [Read More]

» http://instapundit.com/archives2/007589.php from Instapundit.com (v.2)
"SCOTT THOMAS" REVEALED, and the spin is as predicted. Plus, as Bruce Carroll notes: "The New Republic has still not corroborated anything Private Beauchamp wrote." They're hoping you won't notice that. UPDATE: More here. ANOTHER UPDATE: Mark Steyn not... [Read More]

» Who is The New Republics Scott Thomas? from Sister Toldjah
the Iraq war vet who is blogging about alleged horrible things US troops have done in Iraq that he has supposedly witnessed, like the desecration of a grave which contained the bones of murdered children? Now you know. Make sure to read that p... [Read More]

» Scott Thomas Beauchamps; shithouse scribe from This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here
Ive been reading the stories that The New Republic published from some formerly unidentified soldier named Scott Thomas who turns out to be named Scott Thomas Beauchamps. And since theyve been published and republished across the n... [Read More]

» A Clue - Updated from Tammi's World
If you read MilBlogs of any shape or size, I'm sure you've seen the uproar that has followed the Scott Thomas story. Well, Michelle Malkin announces that he's Stepped Out of the Shadows! They've given us a name and a... [Read More]

» Scott Thomas Beauchamp Whiney John Coward Kerry Wannabe from Pal2pal
Here he is: Via Michel Malkin: Update 2:54pm Eastern. Ace reports that the soontobe wife of Scott Thomas Beauchamp isTNR staffer Elspeth Reeve. According to the TNR masthead, shes a reporterresearcher for the magazine. O... [Read More]

» Punishing Scott Thomas Beauchamp from Jon Swift
What can be done to make an example of Beauchamp and give the milbloggers another notch on their belts? [Read More]

» 2007.07.26 Long War // Dhimm Perfidy Roundup from Bill's Bites
Scott Thomas revealed; Update: So is his blogBryan Preston He’s Private Scott Thomas Beauchamp, a member of Alpha Company, 1/18 Infantry, Second Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division. He’s also calling most of his critics chickenhawks, even thou... [Read More]

» http://posseincitatus.typepad.com/posse_incitatus/2007/07/the-posse-was-m.html from Posse Incitatus
The Posse was mildly surprised to see that TNR’s “Scott Thomas” is in fact a soldier, though whether he was in Iraq and the events he described happened remains to be seen. Hot Air and others have already unearthed a [Read More]

» Beauchamp's Screen Test from Ace of Spades HQ
One of his first, and finest, dispatches from Baghdad. Experience the horror of war as a sergeant orders a troop to kill a child, in a scene lifted straight out of Full Metal Jacket: "Shit, I don't know...put a 556... [Read More]

» The Kerrymandering of The New Republic from Flopping Aces
First, a definition of gerrymandering: gerrymander (jr-mndr, gr-)play_w("G0106200") tr.v. gerrymandered, gerrymandering, gerryman... [Read More]

» Military Investigation Into the Claims of Diarist Revealed as Scott Thomas Beauchamp from Wizbang
The New Republic posted a statement from Scott Thomas Beauchamp identifying him as the Baghdad Diarist whose stories have recently sparked controversy and raised numerous questions. Michelle Malkin has reaction... [Read More]

» My Last Post on Pvt Scott Thomas Beauchamp and His Stories About FOB Falcon from Blue Star Chronicles
Private Beauchamp has written his version of the actions of himself and some of the other Soldiers based out of FOB Falcon in Iraq. Im not as angry with him now that hes come forward and identified himself as the writer of the stories tha... [Read More]

» Beauchamp: Milbloggers Round-up from baldilocks
One thing I’ve noticed about Scott Beauchamp’s defenders is that they are very careful not to disparage the Milbloggers--Beauchamp’s strategically stupid slam on those who’ve never been to Iraq notwithstanding--whose doubt about Beauchamp’s stories hav... [Read More]

» Whos this Uncle Jimbo goon? from scott thomas - international soldier of mystery
Oh, so some chickenhawk who goes by Uncle Jimbo thinks my brothers in arms ought to frag me? Yeah prolly cause hes too dumb and lazy and chicken to bring his ass to enlist and come to Iraq himself! Hey Uncle Jimb0, http://goarmy.c... [Read More]

» Who’s this Uncle Jimbo goon? from scott thomas - international soldier of mystery
Oh, so some chickenhawk who goes by “Uncle Jimbo” thinks my brothers in arms ought to frag me? Yeah prolly cause he’s too dumb and lazy and chicken to bring his ass to enlist and come to Iraq himself! [Read More]

» The Old Breed. The New Breed. from Divided We Stand United We Fall
His pseudonymous work was polished and published by The New Republic, igniting a shit-storm in the right blogosphere, who cast doubt on his story and his very existence. When Beauchamp publicly identified himself, the narrative changed to questioning m... [Read More]

» GWOT Update from Pros and Cons
Iraq the Model is still sidelined by the heat (and international jet-setting, that is, if Amman counts) so news is generally restricted to the excellent comments section. Bill Roggio, on the other hand, never rests, and reports on the recent bombing a... [Read More]

» Fake, But Accurate Redux from The LLama Butchers
The New Republic's "Baghdad Diarist" has recanted his works of fantasy under oath to the U.S. Army, according to The Weekly Standard.THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp--aut... [Read More]



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